Falco Configuration Options

Configuration for the Falco daemon

Falco's configuration file is a YAML file containing a collection of key: value or key: [value list] pairs. Depending on your installation type the configuration file could be located in /etc/falco/falco.yaml or loaded as a configmap in Kubernetes deployments.

Any configuration option can be overridden on the command line via the -o/--option key=value flag. For key: [value list] options, you can specify individual list items using --option key.subkey=value.

If a configuration entry (e.g. key.subkey) is a list you can override a specific entry by index, e.g.: --option key.subkey[0]=value. Since Falco 0.38.0 you can also append new elements to a list by adding --option key.subkey[]=value and/or --option key.subkey[].newitem=value.

Since Falco 0.38.0 you can also load additional configuration files after the main one with the config_files configuration entry, which can accept both files and directories. By default this option contains the /etc/falco/config.d directory.

The full list of configuration items is documented in the file itself that you can find in your Falco distribution or in the Falco repository.