Falco Outputs

Work with Falco Outputs and send Falco Alerts in your desired platform

Falco can send alerts to one or more output channels:

  • Standard Output
  • A file
  • Syslog
  • A spawned program
  • A HTTP/HTTPS endpoint
  • A client via the gRPC API

The channels are configured via the Falco configuration file falco.yaml. See the Falco Configuration page for more details.

Find further information about how to configure each of those channels under Output Channels.

Integration with third parties

Falco alerts can easily be forwarded to third-party systems like off-host SIEM, databases, or Faas. While many tools can natively connect to the generic outputs channels that Falco provides such as files and standrd output, a forwarder proxy, Falcosidekick, was created to facilitate integration with more than 50 different systems.