Version 0.21.0

Falco Kernel Module

Falco depends on a kernel module that taps into the stream of system calls on a machine and passes those system calls to user space.

Versions before v0.6.0 used the kernel module from Sysdig called sysdig-probe. As of 0.6.0, falco uses its own kernel module falco-probe. The kernel modules are actually built from the same source code, but having a falco-specific kernel module allows falco and Sysdig to be updated independently without driver compatibility problems.

Installing the kernel module

By default, the kernel module will be installed when installing the falco debian/redhat package or when running the falcosecurity/falco docker image. The script that installs the kernel module tries to install it in 3 different ways:

  • Build the kernel module from source using dkms.
  • Download a pre-built kernel module from
  • Look for a pre-built kernel module from ~/.sysdig.

For options using a pre-built kernel module, the kernel module should have the following filename: falco-probe-<falco version>-<arch>-<kernel release>-<kernel config hash>.ko <kernel config hash> is a md5sum of the config file that sets kernel options (e.g. /boot/config-4.4.0-64-generic). This file can reside in other locations–see the kernel module builder script for full details on the set of paths it tries to find the kernel config file.

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