Version 0.23.0

Falco Drivers

Falco depends on a driver that taps into the stream of system calls on a machine and passes those system calls to user space.

The kernel module called falco is the default driver. Alternatively, an eBPF probe can be used.

Using the kernel module

By default, the kernel module will be installed when installing the Falco debian/rpm package, when running the falco-driver-loader script shipped within the binary pagacke, or when running the falcosecurity/falco-driver-loader docker image (that just wraps the aforementioned script).

To install the kernel module, please refer to the installation page.

Falco tries to use the kernel module driver by default.

Using the eBPF probe

The eBPF probe is an alternative to the one described above. Note that eBPF is a feature supported only by recent kernels.

To install the eBPF probe, please refer to the installation page.

To enable the eBPF support in Falco set the FALCO_BPF_PROBE environment variable to an empty value (ie. FALCO_BPF_PROBE="") or otherwise explicitly set it to the path where the eBPF probe resides.

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