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The Falco Maintainers

In memory of Kris Nóva

Along with many in the community, we were sad to hear the news of Kris Nóva's passing last week.

Nóva was a foundational contributor to Falco. She joined the Falco community when Falco was still a CNCF sandbox project. She made many contributions, including working on the input/output interfaces and starting the falcoctl project. She guided the community during the CNCF incubation process, and shepherded the contribution of the falcosecurity/libs to the CNCF. Over the years, she has been a powerful and enthusiastic ambassador, evangelizing runtime security, eBPF, and the Falco philosophy in countless venues around the world.

Even after leaving Sysdig, Nóva remained involved in the project, acting as a strong and positive voice, both inside and outside the group of Falco maintainers. She crafted strategies, mediated community issues, and constructively gathered people around the project.

Without any doubt, we will miss Nóva's contributions. But even more than that, we will dearly miss a friend. Someone who genuinely cared for each of us, as family members. Someone who was there, always, without hesitation, when we needed help, technical or personal. Someone who inspired us by always following her passions and never (never!) compromising.

We will miss her reaching out, excited, to tell us about her latest technical idea. Or sending us pictures of her prior weekend’s mountaineering accomplishments.

Falco is not going to be the same without her, but we are committed to continuing to observe the values she helped instill in the project.

We send our sympathies to her loved ones, and promise we won't forget her.