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Thomas Labarussias

Falcosidekick 2020

This fantastic post from @leodido about how has been the previous year 2020 for falco inspired me (link) I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on what we built for falcosidekick in 2020

Aside a lot of improvments and bug fixes, 8 new outputs have been integrated:

  • Rocketchat
  • Mattermost
  • Azure Event Hub
  • Discord
  • GCP PubSub
  • Cloudwatch Logs
  • Apache Kafka

What really changed with previous releases was that almost all these outputs have been proposed and developed by other members of the falco community (kindly called the famiglia 😉). It warms my ♥️ a lot and makes me learn a lot about how to manage an open source project.

Thanks to everybody for your ideas, your comments, your help, your PR, your reviews, etc.

The following chart shows well how things are getting bigger and bigger for this small project that finally appeared useful for some people and companies.

falcosidekick github activity 2020

A special 🙏 to @cpanato, @KeisukeYamashita and @nibalizer, who are now official maintainers of falcosidekick with me. 🎉 to them!

Last but not least, all my friendship to @danpopSD for his support and motivation. Merci mon ami.

What's next?

Release 2.20.0

Few times before this article is out we released one of the biggest versions since the beginning of falcosidekick. It results of a combination of a lot of efforts from many people.

The full changelog can be found here.

The main changes are three new outputs:

And ?

We believe the duo of falco + falcosidekick to be an obvious solution for most infrastructures, we are working hard to improve the code base and documentation. That will be all the major set of goals for the next major release 3.0.0 which is coming in the next few months. Until then with the help of n3wscott, we're working on adding the Cloudevents spec in a new HTTP output that will able to forward falco's events to more backends, like Knative.