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The Falco Authors

falcosidekick joins the falcosecurity organization

We are pleased to announce that falcosidekick, a Go project aimed to forward Falco outputs to a number of services, joined the falcosecurity organization on GitHub.

The falcosidekick gopher

Along with the project, we also want to welcome Thomas Labarussias, the creator of falcosidekick joining us as maintainer of the Falco project starting from now on.

The joining of this project and of Thomas as maintainer is part of a continued effort of involving more people in the Falco project and to get Falco more and more extensible and consumable.

But there’s other news, too!

We want to improve even more how outputs go over the wire by introducing a gRPC interface with a clear protocol, you can tell us what you think by reviewing the current proposal and making changes right now!

Stay tuned, and join us at the Falco Office Hours on Wednesday September 4th!

You can propose the topics to discuss by opening an issue in the Falco Office Hours repository and we will discuss them during the call.

Here you can find and subscribe to the Falco calendar to stay tuned!