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Federico Di Pierro

Falco Weekly 7 - 2024

What happened in Falco this week?

Let's go through the major changes that happened in various repositories under the falcosecurity organization.


Multiple fixes and some cleanups happened in the libs repo:


Falco has seens quite a bit of C++ improvements, thanks to Samuel Gaist! Keep up the great job!


Falcoctl has seen a small yet important fix:


Even if the effort was part of last week, and since we skipped last "Weekly Recap", it is important to mention that the kernel-testing framework recently got a big update:

  • All images build is now tested in PR CI when they are modified
  • Images are now build and published on ghcr.io/falcosecurity/kernel-testing repo
  • They are published under main tag and under latest|$tag for releases
  • The image name is built as: $distro-{kernel,image}:$kernelrelease-$arch-$imagetag, eg: amazonlinux2-kernel:5.10-x86_64-v0.3.2
  • Ubuntu-6.3 images were bumped to 6.5 kernel
  • A new arch-6.7 image was added to the test matrix
  • A composite action was added and is now used by libs CI

As always, you can find detailed kernel-testing outputs against our drivers under https://falcosecurity.github.io/libs/matrix/.


Thanks to Aldo's continuous effort, we now have much better documentation all around the repo:

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