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Federico Di Pierro

Falco Weekly 47 - 2023

Another week, another load of improvements everywhere in the falcosecurity!

What happened in Falco this week?

Let's go through the major changes that happened in various repositories under the falcosecurity organization.


The anticipated 0.14.0 libs tag (and its driver counterpart) are a bit late, unfortunately.

Anyway, spring cleaning went on this week!

Moreover, some fixes on the recently introduced async event queue class happened: https://github.com/falcosecurity/libs/pull/1490, https://github.com/falcosecurity/libs/pull/1504. Finally, some fixes around the stats code: https://github.com/falcosecurity/libs/pull/1505, https://github.com/falcosecurity/libs/pull/1506.

Rumors have it coming next week:

Second part of an effort by Luca Guerra to clean up libsinsp from potential undefined behavior: https://github.com/falcosecurity/libs/pull/1502.
This is so important that deserved to be left alone :)


We have a new official adopter! Welcome to Thought Machine: https://github.com/falcosecurity/falco/pull/2919 Small cleanup to avoid Falco configuratiom to be inited twice: https://github.com/falcosecurity/falco/pull/2917


The new driver command was merged! https://github.com/falcosecurity/falcoctl/pull/343 We are now in the process of adding tests and eventually fixing spotted bugs :) Also, the new asset artifact type PR is being reviewed: https://github.com/falcosecurity/falcoctl/pull/309.


Driverkit v0.16.0 was just released, and contains some fixes, a new local build processor and preliminary SLES support.

Let's meet 🤝

We meet every week in our community calls, if you want to know the latest and the greatest you should join us there!

If you have any questions

Thanks to all the amazing contributors!

Cheers 🎊