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Aldo Lacuku, Andrea Terzolo, Federico Di Pierro

Falco Weekly 4 - 2024

What happened in Falco this week?

Let's go through the major changes that happened in various repositories under the falcosecurity organization.


Libs will need a 0.14.2 tag for the Falco 0.37.0 release, with the revert of https://github.com/falcosecurity/libs/pull/1533 PR.
During our release process, we found out that the new std::filesystem based implementaton was up to 8x time slower than the old ones; that's because it supports much more cases and does many more checks.
Therefore, in https://github.com/falcosecurity/libs/pull/1645, we revert to the old sorcery implementation, plus some minor improvements and added tests.

Moreover, many more changes landed in libs, that won't be part of the upcoming Falco 0.37.0 release:


Falco tag 0.37.0-rc2 is out! Try it!


We are in the testing phase so any feedback would be appreciated! Moreover, we crafted a dedicated helm chart to test the new k8smeta plugin and the k8s-metacollector, you can read more about it here. Please note these 2 new components will be officially released with Falco 0.37.0 as EXPERIMENTAL features.

As a final reminder, please take a look at our polls if you have some spare seconds.


Falcoctl 0.7.1 is out! Try it! and contains a small fix for the driver-loader on COS.

Moreover, we added dependabot configs, that then bumped lots of deps to their latest compatible versions: https://github.com/falcosecurity/falcoctl/pull/385.

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