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Federico Di Pierro

Introducing Falco 0.37.1

Today we announce the release of Falco 0.37.1 🦅!


Falco's 0.37.1 release is a small patch aimed at addressing a few minor bugs. It includes the following:

  • Added --http-insecure flag to driver loader images
  • Added new env variable FALCOCTL_DRIVER_HTTP_HEADERS understood by driver loader images to pass a comma separated list of http headers for driver download, eg: FALCOCTL_DRIVER_HTTP_HEADERS='x-emc-namespace: default,Proxy-Authenticate: Basic'
  • Falcoctl was bumped to v0.7.2, fixing an issue building Flatcar drivers and a bug withing the kernel release fixup method to build drivers download URLs
  • Fixed a nasty bug that caused Falco to crash when a priority higher than debug was set in the config: https://github.com/falcosecurity/falco/pull/3060
  • Libs were updated to 0.14.3

Last, but not least, as recommended by the CNCF, we now link libelf dynamically instead of statically, so that the library remains separable from Falco at runtime.
This has multiple outcomes:

  • Falco static (musl) build is disabled for now; we are experimenting with some solutions and we will hopefully be able to bring it back up soon
  • Users of docker images won't notice anything since they already shipped libelf library
  • Users of deb and rpm packages won't notice anything since libelf was already a nested dependency
  • Users of the tar.gz package will need to manually install libelf where not present

Thanks to everyone in the community for helping us in spotting these annoying bugs 🐛! You make Falco successful 🦅!

Thanks as always to the Falco maintainers for their support and effort during the entire release process.

Try it! 🏎️

As usual, in case you just want to try out the stable Falco 0.37.1, you can install its packages following the process outlined in the docs:

Prefer to use a container image? No problem at all! 🐳

You can read more about running Falco with Docker in the docs.

You can also find the Falcosecurity container images on the public AWS ECR gallery:

Let's meet 🤝

We meet every Wednesday in our community calls, if you want to know the latest and the greatest you should join us there!

If you have any questions

Thanks to all the amazing contributors!

Cheers 🎊