Detect security threats in real time

Falco is a cloud-native security tool designed for Linux systems. It employs custom rules on kernel events, which are enriched with container and Kubernetes metadata, to provide real-time alerts. Falco helps you gain visibility into abnormal behavior, potential security threats, and compliance violations, contributing to comprehensive runtime security.

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Threat Detection

Detect malicious behavior in hosts and containers, no matter what scale, using the power of eBPF.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant in cloud-native systems with Falco's intelligent monitoring and rule-based detection.

What makes Falco different?

Cloud Native

Cloud Native

Falco detects threats across containers, Kubernetes, hosts and cloud services.

  • Uses eBPF to monitor system activity for adverse behavior.
  • Integrated with Kubernetes.
  • Use plugins to monitor cloud services such as GitHub, Okta, or AWS Cloudtrail.
Real Time Detection

Real Time Detection

Falco provides streaming detection of unexpected behavior, configuration changes, and attacks.

  • Runtime detection is a fundamental layer of defense against security blind spots and zero-day bugs in your software supply chain.
  • Streaming approach enables real-time response while minimizing storage costs and complexity.
  • Ready out-of-the-box with rules, which you can customize for your environment.
Integration with 50+ Systems

Integration with 50+ Systems

Forward Falco alerts to any off-host SIEM and data lake system for analysis, storage, or reaction.

  • Falco alerts can easily be forwarded to more than 50+ third parties.
  • The JSON format for alerts allows for storing, analysis, or triggering reactions easily.
Open Source

Open Source

A multi-vendor and widely adopted solution that you can rely on.

  • Created cloud-native in the same community as Kubernetes, Prometheus, and OPA.
  • Powered by eBPF technology.
  • Runs on x64 & ARM CPUs.
  • Deployable in Kubernetes with an official Helm chart.
  • Run on many platforms like GKE, EKS, AKS, gVisor and others.
  • Zero cost to start, and easy to audit, extend, and integrate.
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